Welcome to FLY FIGHTER JETS, a website dedicated to all fast aircraft passionates. We love aviation and also to share our passion. We found this sooo amazing that it is actually possible for civilians to fly jet fighters that we actually decided to create a website about it. This is no simulation but the real stuff! Anyone can hop in the cockpit of a jet fighter, in the US, Europe and Russia, and live a truly mind blowing experience. Check it out!

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You can fly a jet fighter !

Yes, this is not a joke. You can actually fly a jet fighter. This is done thanks to private individuals and some companies who have purchased jet fighters and are now offering rides to whoever wants to have the thrills of their life.


fly fighter jets

Navigate the menu at the top of the page to get more info about jet fighter rides and where you can actually rent a ride.

Flying a jet fighter is no ordinary experience, so you should do your homework before booking any ride. We try to provide honest information, but you should make sure you get all the necessary information before booking. Amongst the question you should ask:

What is included in the price ?
How much flying time ? – which may differ from what is advertised
Do you get videos of your ride ?
What are the qualifications of the pilots ?
Can you show me your insurance certificate ?

A jet fighter ride is not a rollercoaster ride and it is the same as flying an aircraft – there is an element of risk. The risk here is crash, which can provoke light or serious injuries, and even death. Most people think this is the coolest of things to do, like skydiving, but always remember there is a risk, therefore you should get as much information as possible from the pilot or company you wish to go with. Enough scary talk!! A jet fighter flight is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy.

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